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The importance of the Gathering of Dads


  1. Unite Dads with a common vision to become better fathers,
  2. Foster self development
  3. Encourage participation in other organizations in addition to us
  4. Be a resource for other Dads going through things
  5. Guide people to our Courses as appropriate.

Why Peer Support Exists here.

Without peer support, you're on an island, and there's no sense in isolating yourself.  There's always other people who are going through either the same, or something similar to what you're going through.  You were searching for help and unity, and you landed here.  We are more than willing and able to help.  This is a free service we provide given its crowd-sourced nature.  Here, we are equals to one another, just a group of Men who want to talk with one another.

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Dads: You're not on an island, you can't be, you're going to run across challenges, you'll be challenged by your children, your wife, your ex-wife, the legal system, and on down the list.  We know, we have been there, we all have, let this be a collection point for us all.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 • • General