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Founder - Director - Zachary Martin

Zac is a creative, committed, loving, and abundant man. Zac has given of himself from a young age completely to his passions. From sports as a boy, and young man playing baseball in college, he developed many skills that have helped him in life. Developing and committing to goals, visualizing success and the qualities that a successful athlete exudes. Zac didn’t make it as a baseball player but he used the skills and lessons to become great at his next venture.

Zac graduated college from the University of Wyoming and had a few jobs and settled into a sales. Real Estate was his business of choice. It allowed him to tap into his competitive nature, connect with people who were making the biggest purchases of their lives. It allowed Zac to develop himself into a business man and at his height he started his own company in Cheyenne, WY, Platinum Real Estate, and had 13 agents working for him. He had nearly a dozen rental units and had built a business and a life he thought would sustain him and that he could continue to grow. Real Estate and Investing would have continued as Zac’s life and passion but for a special little boy who blessed his life early in 2017, Elijah Zachary (EZ) Martin changed his world. At birth Zac never saw his life changing and little did he know EZ was going to bring Zac to a life he was being trained to step into since he was a young boy.

Shortly after Elijah’s birth Zac and his mom split. Upon splitting Zac wanted shared time and he was told that’s not how it works, and he wouldn’t see Elijah again until her attorney told her she had to. Crushed, “this can’t be how it goes” Zac told himself and he asked around from my friends who had experienced separations or divorces. They all said this is typical and it floored him. He was a successful and motivated man with a great job and tons of potential and he was more excited about becoming a father than anything ever before. Believing his son should be blessed to have a dad like him. The courts should see this and know that what’s happening is wrong and allow my son equal time with his dad and mom because its best. That was unfortunately not what happened and so Zac made changes and decided to dedicate himself to making sure that every kid gets the access to both parents equally.

Knowing EZ needed Zac and that He had so much to offer to Elijah to his life and Zac was so committed to being the best man he could be for his son. Zac saw so many dads being pushed out of their kids lives and a society that was saying men were deatbeats and not caring for their children. Zac knows that most men are beat down and so they need support and a place that they feel comfortable sharing and working to be their best for their kids. Because of this In November of 2017 Zac started Kids Deserve Dads to help kids and dads build meaningful and connected relationships.

While going through the custody circus, Zac worked on some bills to change laws in Wyoming. Zac knew that shared parenting time was the best thing for kids, the research is clear that kids who have equal access to both parents do nearly as well or better then kids in intact homes. The lawyers and Domestic Violence groups (ran by lawyers) worked to kill the equal parenting bill and he needed to do something different, so Zac applied to law school and was accepted.

As Zac was finishing his law school experience, he was really focusing on how he was going to bring about the change to help fathers be more involved and give kids the best experience after divorce. While in his final year, Zac decided to get his life coaching certificate so that he could help guide fathers to living an intentional and focused life to be the men their kids need them to be and the men they could be for themselves. Now with his experience in the family courts, the completion of law school and his life coaching he is ready to empower his community of men to step into their greatest selves and become the men they desire and the men their children deserve.

Board Member, Chaplain, and Wyoming State Executive Director - Jason MacGregor

Jason is a loving Father who grew up with a passion for the Outdoors.  At a young age he saw his parents divorced and witnessed first-hand what abuse, neglect, and manipulation can do to a child.  He and his sister had varied Visitation schedules and mixed experiences with how the legal system treats children, and how parents who could not get along for the sake of the children can have a lasting impact on a child's development.


On several positive notes, Jason overcame many challenges and obstacles to positive development, but not without lasting scars.  He learned it is possible to make many good things out of bad things, saw character development of both parents, and witnessed first-hand how faith, redemption, and a relationship with Jesus Christ can and will fundamentally change how you see the world. 

Jason has a strong love for people and seeing to their success despite challenges life can have, because of constant self development, a high level of awareness to empathize with others, and you are in charge of your own circumstances because of the people you have around you and the decisions you make.  Jason has had experience: as a Volunteer Firefighter between New York in his hometown and Colorado; as Law Enforcement in the capacity of a Deputy Sheriff and Special Deputy US Marshal in Colorado; as Infantry with the Military in the 10th Mountain Division where he became known as "Sergeant Mac" over time; and is self employed in the State of Wyoming in the State's Capitol of Cheyenne.


Jason attended Paul Smith's College in upstate, NY where his love for the outdoors grew, committing himself to a high level of physical fitness, mental fortitude, and commitment to quality education.  After moving to Colorado and subsequently Wyoming, he has been married and divorced.  This has helped motivate Jason to learning how and why things work the way they do, in order to inspire, promote, and help bring about honest, positive change on a variety of levels and ways across society, especially in Wyoming.  Your past does not define you, your mistakes can be learned from, and the cycle can be broken with you.